Friday, June 3, 2011

Could you run an election?

Up to 100 people are needed to bolster the Victorian Electoral Commission's (VEC) list of senior election officials.
Seeking people with strong management and communication skills, as well as an understanding of their local area, the VEC is refreshing its staff list in preparation for the 2012 local council elections.
Senior election officials are appointed to run elections in their designated electorate.
For both State and local council elections, it is the senior election officials who liaise with candidates, conduct the ballot draw, supervise the counting and make the official declaration.
Working with the complete support of the VEC, senior election officials are needed throughout the state to be ready for any election, by-election or countback that arises.
"It's a challenging role," said Liz Williams, Deputy Electoral Commissioner.
"To be a success you must be flexible because electoral events can occur at any time. When they do arise it's up to an appointed senior election official to establish an election office and ensure that the election is run according to legislation."
The positions are available in most metropolitan areas and in many regional areas around the State.
For more information about the role and details about how to apply please visit

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