Thursday, June 2, 2011

World Environment Day

Saying `Yes' on World Environment Day

Cate Blanchett does it, Malcolm Frazer did it, rock stars Blue King Brown are doing it and good heavens even the Sisters of Mercy are doing it.

Now it’s your turn to say YES to cutting carbon pollution and a cleaner Australia.

Saying YES to a price on pollution means saying YES to investment, innovation and new jobs based on renewable energy that never runs out.

We say YES to a price on pollution and renewable energy investment, YES to jobs and YES to protecting our ecosystems, health and environment before it’s too late.

Bring along your sign saying YES and let’s get on with it.

For more information contact Dean Bridgfoot 0448 327 791 or

Where: Market Building Castlemaine
When: 11am Sunday June 5th, World Environment Day
What: People on the Market Building steps with Banners saying  “YES to..”

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